2013-07-13 11:44 Engraving machine product quality

2013-07-13 11:44Engraving machine product quality

With the market evolving user requirements for technology is also increasing, the demand for high-end Cnc Engraving Machine has been further growth, but the current domestic engraving machine high-end technology with the United States and Japan, but there are still some gaps, so engraving machine industry to enhance product quality without delay. In addition, have the influx of foreign high-end products, but also to domestic enterprises has brought a lot of pressure and a greater challenge course, this has to a certain extent, to promote the progress of the industry has played a positive role.

Currently, the engraving machine industry problems mainly in the following aspects, performance and stability need to further enhance the design and manufacture of details need to be further improved, the need to import key components, basic components and materials have different degrees of problems, the tool narrow range of product selection, price advantage is not obvious, to some extent, a direct impact on overall performance, product protection, sealing, etc. are not careful, etc., which are to be further detailed and refined. Overall, engraving machine manufacturer industry must seize opportunities in the high-end production technology efforts, enhance their overall strength, the adjustment of product structure, improve product development capabilities, increase innovation, improve product quality, enhance their core competitiveness in order to compete in the market in an invincible position.
As an industry representative, Jinan River NC vigorously implement technological innovation, and actively carry out high-end CNC system and the key features of the core technology research, the bigger and stronger wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine and other traditional conventional machines at the same time, the axis , axis Cnc Machining technology has made significant breakthroughs in research and production, becoming one of the few companies involved in this field, one of the international advanced level of technology on par enrich the company’s product mix, greatly enhance the company’s product quality.

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