2013-08-29 11:17 Stone engraving machine actively seek a breakthrough

2013-08-29 11:17Stone engraving machine actively seek a breakthrough

In modern society , stone engraving machine is widely applied in our daily production and life to play an increasingly important role in this , people gradually understand and familiar with it , more and more people concern . With the social development and progress , a simple engraving machine can not meet the needs of the community , processing technology and CNC technology changes rapidly , driven by more new stone engraving machine, bulls ATC engraving machine engraving machine high-end appear.

Previously, most of the customers in the selection of stone engraving machine, mostly from simple hollow cut, embossed , alignment and other considerations , but in actual use and production still requires more manual operation, the relative degree of automation is not high , so that the domestic market has long been the demand for stone engraving machine engraving machine is mostly dominated the low-end , and for high-end products less involved . And now, with a lot of investment into the production client engraving scale, simple engraving machine has been unable to meet their growing demand for orders , process changes , purchasing a new engraving machine become a trend , compared to the original single-head these high-end engraving machine engraving machine more professional in the engraving process when either the process or the processing speed is far superior to single-head engraving machine.

Current people ‘s aesthetic constantly changing, more respect for nature , focusing on beautiful, more focus on health , pollution-free, pollution-free , natural stone with its gorgeous colors , stable physical and chemical properties and good processing performance in architectural decoration , craft products and other aspects of a large number of applications , including relief for interior decoration , characterization , picture frames, engraved pane , fireplace facings and other fine carving products developing rapidly , is toward art, gentrification, the direction of large-scale applications , and around the urban infrastructure construction in full swing, will definitely lead to the rapid development of architectural decoration industry , tile foot , decorative stone engraving machine products can not be separated , and the real estate market continued to hit, but also broadens the stone engraving machine broad market prospects .

Jinan River CNC as the industry leader and the largest production and sales of engraving machine manufacturers , the production of "GANGER" brand high-end stone engraving machine has a high precision, cutting intensity , durable, automatic tool change , high efficiency many advantages, and easy operation , good product quality , stable performance, cost-effective, widely used in marble , granite, tombstone , jade and other stone and glass , plastic, acrylic, metal and non-metal engraving and cutting , applicable to all industry sectors , by user trust and love.

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