3D Technology Production Castings, Has The Following Advantages

3D technology production castings, has the following advantages:
First, it shortens the casting production process
Use 3DP print casting sand, eliminating the time and costs of the production of sand molds, shorten new product development cycles and costs, and open up new markets for the company to seize the lead.
Second, improve the quality and enhance the production efficiency
3DP can print by tiny sand as a whole, avoiding manual core making, modeling in the core process of cumulative errors, improves the accuracy of sand, avoided casting due to sand size does not match the size variance of defects, and save some of its core processes.
Third, design flexibility, cost savings, reducing the difficulty of manufacturing
Due to the 3D printing process is to use digital file transfer into the 3D printing devices, so its flexible design changes, timely, and complete manual styling is unable to complete printing of complex cavity structure, reduces production more difficult.
Finally, people-oriented, green cast, smart casting
3D printing technology significantly improves the casting site environment, reduce the labor intensity of operation. Use 3D printer to replace a manual core making, modeling, save manpower costs, and realize intelligent production, green manufacturing foundry industry.
3D printing technology in the field of Foundry industrial application, transformation and upgrading of China's foundry industry, intelligent foundry and casting construction of intelligent plant of the future will have a transformative impact.Previous: Control Measures For Casting DefectsNext: 3D Printing Technology Of Casting Production Principles

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