Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Hockey Sticks

Ice hockey is a common ice sport that originated in Canada in the 19th century. Carbon fiber composite materials also have a previous saying that compared with metal materials of the same quality, the strength of carbon fiber is equal to 12 times of the metal strength. Carbon fiber products refer to the use of carbon fiber prepreg as raw materials, through different processing methods, processed into materials that can meet the requirements of use. At that time, there were no specific rules for this kind of sport, and the number of participants was not limited. It was only necessary to wear an ice skate, hold a hockey stick, and hit the ball into the goal on the frozen lake. Later, soldiers stationed in Canada brought this kind of sport to North America, which became widely popular and is now one of the Olympic games (xiàng mù). Hockey sticks are generally made of wood. In order to reduce weight, people now use carbon fiber to make hockey sticks.Ice hockey sticks are used to hit ice hockey. The lighter the weight, the more convenient it is for people to control. It takes a certain amount of force to hit the ice hockey. If its strength is not high, it will be easily damaged after a long time. Carbon fiber is several times stronger than steel. In addition, carbon fiber has the advantages of low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance (a basic type of component failure), and operation control on icy ice surfaces is not a problem.

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