Amazon Cloud Technology won the first place in user satisfaction of China’s public cloud platform in 2021

A few days ago, under the guidance of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, sponsored by Beijing Saisheng Computer Information Technology Co., Ltd., Saisheng Holdings (Beijing) Group Co., Ltd., China Industrial Internet Development Alliance, National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center software integration application At the “2021 China IT User Satisfaction Conference and Information Technology Application Ecological Partner Conference” supported by the testing and verification laboratory and other units, Amazon Cloud Technology won the six “User Satisfaction First” issued by the conference, including the cloud platform for Chinese companies going overseas First in user satisfaction, first in user satisfaction with artificial intelligence machine learning platforms, first in user satisfaction with public cloud DevOps solutions, first in user satisfaction with cloud database products, first in user satisfaction with public cloud big data platforms, and first in public cloud Example user satisfaction ranks first.

Gu Fan, General Manager of the Greater China Product Department of Amazon Cloud Technology, said, “We are very happy that Amazon Cloud Technology has won a number of customer satisfaction first awards for the second consecutive year. We have been adhering to the concept of “customer first” and starting from customer needs. , And promote our work in the opposite direction. As the pioneer and leader of global cloud computing, we provide extensive and in-depth cloud services, global infrastructure and rich global customer practices. We will continue to act on behalf of our customers Innovate and empower customers from all industries and sizes to reshape.”

Amazon Cloud Technology won the six “No. 1 in User Satisfaction” this time, which was highly praised by CCW analysts. Li Xiangqian, General Manager of CCW Information, said, “Through extensive surveys and expert demonstrations, Amazon Cloud has won the title of “No. 1 in User Satisfaction” for six products and solutions in the 20th China IT User Satisfaction Survey in 2021. It is the most selected company among all participating companies this year. It fully reflects the remarkable achievements of Amazon Cloud Technology in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields of technology, products, platforms and services, as well as its innovative capabilities in China. The user’s affirmation and recognition interprets the industry pathfinder spirit of being customer-centric and insisting on continuous innovation for Chinese customers.”

“No. 1 in User Satisfaction of Chinese Enterprises Going Global to Cloud Platform”

Ren Weiwei, chief analyst of CCW Information, commented: “Despite the impact of the epidemic, Chinese companies have never stopped going overseas. In particular, achieving business compliance and landing through the cloud has become an important way to participate in global competition. Amazon Cloud The technological infrastructure covers the whole world, especially the Belt and Road region that Chinese enterprises value overseas. The coverage is particularly wide. The stability and compliance of its services have been fully verified, which can empower overseas enterprises to implement products, business innovation, Compliance operations, etc., are technical bridges and guarantees for Chinese companies to move towards globalization.”

“No. 1 in user satisfaction with artificial intelligence machine learning platform”

Pang Junzhe, a senior analyst at CCW Information, said: “In recent years, breakthroughs in computing power and a surge in data have contributed to the leap-forward development of machine learning. The continuous improvement of new infrastructure has greatly supported the integration of machine learning and scenarios, making enterprises more Innovations and breakthroughs in machine learning technology are required. Amazon Cloud Technology’s Amazon SageMaker platform provides a wide range of, complete, and open full-stack machine learning services, leading the development trend of the industry, and at the same time advocating the inclusiveness of machine learning technology and lowering the threshold of machine learning , This is well recognized by customers.”

“Public Cloud DevOps Solution No. 1 in User Satisfaction”

Ren Weiwei, Chief Analyst of CCW Information, commented: “As more and more companies turn to cloud-based application deployment and microservice architecture to expand their business, developers need more automation practices to maintain application availability, and Enterprises are also increasingly demanding the transformation of IT culture and the establishment of a correct DevOps culture. Amazon Cloud Technology provides a large number of DevOps tools that can automatically detect operational problems through machine learning technology, allowing developers to more easily improve the usability of applications. Very easy. The unique feature is that Amazon Cloud Technology also provides a series of consulting and training to help users improve their corporate culture, address the pain points of users’ digital transformation, and realize the transformation of the entire corporate culture, rather than focusing solely on the product and technology itself.”

“No. 1 in user satisfaction with cloud database products”

Ding Zhen, Director of CCW Consulting Services Department, said: “Cloud-native databases have become a trend in the industry. Cloud databases that are popular with users can not only meet the requirements of specific scenarios and loads, but also enable enterprises to focus on innovation. The Amazon Cloud Technology cloud database has a complete range of high performance, availability, and cost-effectiveness. The user satisfaction of the service is very high. Especially the Amazon Aurora database service, its powerful capabilities are being pursued by other companies in the industry. At the same time, the database The serverlessness of services and the integration of artificial intelligence have enabled it to always lead the industry’s future innovation direction.”

“Public Cloud Big Data Platform User Satisfaction No. 1”

Jiang Bing, a senior analyst at CCW Information, believes: “Big data has always been an important direction for China’s information technology development, but mining the value of data faces three major challenges, namely the exponential growth of data, more complex scenarios, and real-time data-based data. Fast decision-making. As more and more Chinese companies rely on public clouds to build big data analysis platforms, they have put forward cloud-optimized, specially built and fully managed deployment requirements. Amazon Cloud Technology’s comprehensive and in-depth intelligent warehouse architecture, It completely surpasses the concept of “integrated lake and warehouse” that has been hyped in previous years, covering data movement, data lake, data analysis and machine learning services, fully meeting customer needs, helping customers solve challenges, and having a large customer base and high loyalty Spend.”

“Public Cloud Instance User Satisfaction No. 1”

Liu Wei, a senior analyst at CCW Information, believes: “As cloud computing rapidly spreads to enterprise IT environments, cloud computing has become one of the fastest growing areas of IT spending. Cloud service providers will need to continue to enhance native functions and strengthen Innovation in various instances of infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and platform as a service (PaaS) to improve cost-effectiveness and high availability. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) computing instances provide users with a very comprehensive choice In particular, Amazon Graviton2 instances based on the self-developed ARM architecture have been widely welcomed by users. Not long ago, a new Amazon EC2 C7g instance supported by Graviton3 was released. Its R&D and innovation capabilities are truly breathtaking.”

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