Are Today’s High-rise Buildings All Steel?

I do not know when, China’s high-rise building development is faster and faster, no matter which city, all the high-rise buildings will become the standard buildings of the city. If you look closely, you can see that these high-rise buildings are being built at a very fast pace. What are the main structural forms of these buildings? If you look carefully, you will find that their structures are mainly steel structures. What is the reason for them to choose the steel structure as the architectural form?

Development trend of steel structure

No matter from the perspective of national strategy, or from the perspective of everyone’s perception, the concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. From a macro point of view, we are pursuing sustainable development, circular economic model, instead of following the old path of developing the economy first and governing the environment later. It has shifted from a stage of rapid development to a stage of high-quality development. Therefore, it is a long-term task to develop a green economy.

Green ways of steel structure 

The raw material for steel structures is naturally steel, and steel, as we all know, is recyclable and can be recycled back into the furnace. Steel structure is regarded as the representative of green building by people in the construction industry. Compared with concrete building, steel structure building can save resources greatly, such as saving land area, saving water and materials, and so on. And the whole construction process of steel structure is low pollution, low emission, no dust, no noise.

Good performance of steel structure 

The performance advantage of steel structure is better than that of concrete building. In terms of toughness, steel structure concrete building has a lot of toughness, the steel structure is self-willed and plastic, can well withstand large dynamic load, has a strong seismic performance, especially suitable for the design and construction of high-rise buildings. Self-weight is light, steel structure of the building is lighter than concrete building, 60 percent, so the same area, steel structure is more suitable for high-rise buildings. Strong, steel structure strength, this is estimated to be everyone knows the common sense, mainly from the aspects of tensile strength and compression strength.

Taking the above advantages into consideration, steel structure is more suitable for building high-rise buildings than concrete. And steel structure can be said to be the future development direction of China’s building industry is the main structural form of China’s building. The great application of steel structure building in our country is the harmonious coexistence of man and nature and the protection of ecological nature.

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