Atomera licensing transistor-shrinking tech

Atomera licensing transistor-shrinking tech

Atomera licensing transistor-shrinking tech

MST-SP, an implementation of MST designed for use on 5V power and analogue ICs, is using a combination of atomic level engineering and material science to squeeze more capability and capacity out of today’s Semiconductor processes.

The resulting improvements in power, performance and area (PPA) are effectively enabling the industry to get smaller die size using the same process node.

Atomera’s MST-SP technology claims to be able to significantly shrink the power transistors that usually occupy 40%-80% of the area in a PMIC, which enables manufacturers to get 20% more die per wafer.

Atomera claims that MST-SP enables PMIC manufacturers which use BCD processes can get up to 20% more die per wafer, enabling manufacturers to improve the profitability of existing fabs and/or improve the return on their investments in new processes and capacity.

The challenge limiting the ability to transition BCD power devices to smaller nodes has been sufficiently improving the on-resistance for a given breakdown voltage while ensuring reliability isn’t compromised.

MST-SP provides two fundamental benefits. One is on-state mobility, or higher Idlin, and the second is an ability to control the doping with a degree of precision that is not possible with other approaches.

The doping benefits also translate into improvements in the breakdown voltage as well as the overall ability to scale the gate length lower without losing breakdown voltage.

The net effect is a 20% improvement in Idlin for a given VDS max, a key reliability parameter for the lifetime of the device.

The ability to scale the gate length while maintaining reliability also addresses the key challenge in moving BCD power devices to smaller nodes.

By enabling a gate length shrink without compromising the reliability of the power device, manufacturers can take better advantage of a design rule shrink to reduce the overall device pitch. For 5V PMIC this enables up to 20% more die per wafer.

MST-SP is currently available to license for 5V power devices, which is the predominant operating voltage for BCD PMIC devices today.

MST-SP can be customized to both higher- and lower-voltages by Atomera’s engineering team.