Brief introduction of electrical control system of mechanical semi-automatic casting production line

The slag inclusion defect in the lost foam refers to the formation of dry sand, paint and other inclusions as the molten iron enters the casting cavity during the casting process. It is a non-metallic slag inclusion defect, usually formed in the outer contour or top surface of the casting, the top surface of the step and the angle, and it is in the form of dots or irregular masses. The defects of sand and slag inclusion are not obvious in the state of the casting blank, but after the casting is processed, there are single or sheet-distributed white or black gray slag inclusion spots on the processing surface. We call this type of defects “sand ingress” defects.

The electrical control system of the v-method casting production line needs to be determined according to factors such as the production program, the degree of mechanical automation and investment scale. A highly automated and efficient v-method casting production line is equipped with a central control room, monitoring modeling, sand processing, and vacuum system Wait.

The mechanical semi-automated v-method casting production line adopts PLC programmable controller to centrally or decentrally control the operation procedures of each engineering department. There are local operation buttons in the modeling and sand processing parts, which are convenient for manual operation, debugging and maintenance only. For simple mechanized v-method casting production, the conventional electrical control system is adopted, the local control cabinet is controlled, and the hand lift button is the main method.

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