Bringing the rail experience to the 21st century

display Technology’s display systems are at the heart of the rail and transportation market sector. As the industry drives towards a high-tech connected future, bright and versatile display technology levels up the passenger experience while powerful embedded systems provide meaningful gains in efficiency to operators.

The company has ushered in the rollout of high-definition self-service kiosks into many industry-leading businesses, enabling customers to breeze through situations like checkout and check-in. Furthermore, smart kiosk solutions are supporting businesses to cut costs by decreasing staffing demands, enabling retail firms to be more mobile – advancing scalability.

The traditional kiosk comprises face-to-face contact with clerks. For example, transportation providers such as airports employ staff to manage the check-in of individual travellers. In this pandemic age, any form of close contact puts passengers and staff at risk of infection.

Smart kiosks are a safer way to aid these tasks, lessening contact and opportunities for infection while increasing efficiency metrics like passenger throughput. Smart kiosks are far cheaper to deploy and maintain than clerks, and therefore it increases the capability of firms like airports to scale their capacity organically by installing more kiosks.

From their involvement in fulfilling contracts with many of the world’s biggest rail providers, they have discovered that displays play a large part in influencing the passenger experience. Passengers require up-to-date real-time information about train times and destinations, and digital signage can improve the way customers are informed and prepared for their journeys.

The Litemax DLF4308-L is an excellent addition to waiting rooms and station platforms at railway stations. This FHD 43″ industrial-grade LCD panel offers a peak brightness of 1600 cd/m2, providing crisp text and lifelike colours even in direct sunlight. The Durapixel LED backlight technology assures high reliability and low power consumption, making it a perfect display for a lasting addition to stations.

For an excellent next-generation passenger experience, station technicians could opt for the Innolux’ 65″ TFT Display S650DJJ-T01 with Ultra High-Definition resolution (4K). We provide a complete outdoor kit with a Prisma-4K TFT controller board for ease of installation. This beautiful 4K display reaches a peak brightness of 2000 cd/m2, providing effortless viewing in direct sunlight. The display’s wide operating temperatures of -20C to +50C and wide viewing angles of 89-degrees implies this is created for sustained outdoor use.

The company are also offering a new brand of high bright displays from Litemax with a minimum brightness of 3000 cd/m².

Power supplies for Passenger information

Autronic, part of the Fortec Group, has developed and manufactured DC-DC converters since 1982, but experience with customer-specific subassemblies and devices goes back further to 1973.

Components Bureau works closely with Autronic and Cincon, who have modified power supplies to accommodate transportation needs.

Power for passenger information system includes 150W in a small package, with high efficiency and wide voltage input (77 – 137). The ideal solution is the ACR120 which offers high efficiency in a small package with an ultrawide voltage range. It provides temperature, shock, vibration and the railway-specific EMC criteria according to EN50121-3-2, radiated emissions, surge, burst and ESD strict compliance with EN50155 is afforded without further components.

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