Common defects in automobile stamping parts and analysis of their causes

Common defects in automobile stamping parts and analysis of their causes

Automobile stamping parts are a stamping process that uses mold separation rods.

The most common defects in the raw materials of automobile stamping parts are burrs, wood surface warpage, and momentary differences in size.

It is generally difficult to avoid the occurrence of different degrees of burrs in automobile stamped parts of rods, but if the processability of the molded product is improved and the pressing conditions are improved, the burrs can be reduced.

The main causes of glitches

1.1 Clearance

The gap of automobile stamping parts is too large, too small or uneven, and burrs will occur. The main reasons for the gap being too large, too small or uneven are as follows:

  • a Mold production deviation-the processing of mold parts does not match the drawing, the parallelism of the bottom plate is poor, etc.
  • B-type assembly deviation-large gap of the guide surface, uneven assembly center, etc.
  • c. The accuracy of the press is poor-for example, the gap between the guide rails of the press is too large, and the parallelism between the bottom surface of the slider rock and the surface of the worktable is poor, and the distance between the rock music of the slider and the verticality of the worktable surface of the press is about the difference , Poor rigidity of the worktable
  • d Placement deviation-for example, the high and low bottom plate surface of the mold does not wipe the beautiful ground when placed, the fastening technique of the upper mold of the large mold is wrong, about the center of the difference between the high and low molds of the set mold (except for the non-guided mold), the action is one-sided Skewed
  • e The mold structure is different-the rigidity of the mold and the movement is insufficient, the force of the automobile stamping parts is unbalanced, etc.
  • d The curvature of the steel plate hoist is large-the steel plate is not flat.

1.2 Slow knife

The blade tip wears slowly or bites and burrs will occur. The components that affect edge passivation are:

  • a. The convex and concave material of the mold and its surface treatment are poor, and the wear resistance is poor
  • b. Poor mold structure, poor rigidity, and clenched
  • c Insufficient lubrication during driving, fast wear
  • d did not immediately grind the ground front.

1.3 Inappropriate state of automobile stamping parts

If the vacancy example (including the intermediate molded product) has poor contact with the punch mold or die, when positioning the appropriate trimming punch hole with different relative heights, because the height of the molded product is lower than the positioning relative height, in automobile stamping Among the pieces, the style of the molded product is inconsistent with the style of the tip of the knife, resulting in burrs.

1.4 Improper mold structure

1.5 Different process regulations of raw materials

Due to incorrect material such as poor material thickness and wrong steel number, the relative gap becomes inappropriate and burrs occur in the molded product.

1.6 Poor processability of the product-with complicated styles, convex or concave sharp corners wear too fast, and burrs are prone to occur.


The occurrence of burrs not only causes the deformation process after automobile stamping parts to be easily broken due to stress concentration, but also brings difficulties to the vacancy model layer in the subsequent process. Large burrs are easy to damage by hand during welding, and the joint of two steel plates is poor, and the welding is easy. When the riveting cannot be welded, the riveting gap is prone to occur, and the riveting crack is prone to occur.

Therefore, the occurrence of glitches that exceed the allowable range is unhelpful. The burrs can be removed by file, small loli, electrolysis, chemical treatment and other techniques.
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