Common faults and treatment methods of oil press

Troubleshooting methods for common faults of Hydraulic Press:

1. The motor suddenly stops during operation. Possible causes:

  • (1) Overheating, protector tripping;
  • (2) Three phase voltage imbalance;
  • (3) Parts are damaged.

Treatment method:

  • (1) Manually press the blue key of the thermal protector to reset it, and check whether the motor operates under overload;
  • (2) Check the three-phase voltage;
  • (3) Replace accessories.

2. Unstable pressure, possible causes:

  • (1) The machine has been used for too long, and the valve core of the oil pump pressure regulating valve is not sensitive;
  • (2) Oil channeling of oil cylinder or solenoid valve, poor cooling of hydraulic oil;
  • (3) Damaged accessories;
  • (4) The hydraulic oil has been used for too long.

Treatment method:

  • (1) Repair or replace the pressure regulating valve;
  • (2) Repair or replace the solenoid valve and use the cooling water device to cool the hydraulic oil;
  • (3) Replace the oil cylinder sealing ring;
  • (4) Replace the same hydraulic oil.

3. Start the double button machine without action. Possible reasons:

  • (1) The photoelectric eye safety guard has no induction;
  • (2) Some limit switch input signals are not inductive;
  • (3) The pressing time is too short;
  • (4) Parts are damaged.

Treatment method:

  • (1) Adjust the photoelectric eye safety guard to the ray so that the sensing green light is on;
  • (2) Adjust cylinder and cylinder limit switch;
  • (3) Adjust the holding down time;
  • (4) Replace accessories.

4. Abnormal sound; Possible causes:

  • (1) The machine has been used for too long, and some fasteners are loose;
  • (2) The motor bearing makes a noise;
  • (3) The oil pump makes a noise;
  • (4) The suction oil filter is blocked and the oil level of the oil tank is too low.

Treatment method:

  • (1) Tighten the fasteners with a wrench and other tools;
  • (2) Repair or replace motor bearings and other accessories;
  • (3) Repair or replace oil pump accessories;
  • (4) Clean the oil filter and add oil to the upper limit of the oil standard.

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