Compact MEMS nano pressure sensor offers low power consumption

STMicroelectronics LPS22DF MEMS Nano Pressure sensor, available from Mouser, is an ultra-compact piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor that functions as a digital output barometer. The device offers lower power consumption, delivering lower pressure noise than its predecessor.

The device includes a sensing element and an IC interface that communicates over I2C, MIPI I3CSM, or SPI interfaces from the sensing element to the application. It supports a wide Vdd IO range for digital interfaces as well. The sensing element, which detects absolute pressure, comprises a suspended membrane manufactured utilising a dedicated process developed by the company.

The sensor is offered in a full-mould, holed LGA package. It is guaranteed to perform over a temperature range extending from -40C to +85C. The package is holed to enable external pressure to reach the sensing element.

Typical applications areas include altimeters and barometers for portable devices, GPS applications, weather station equipment, sport watches, e-cigarettes, drones, and gas metering.