Companies team up for webinar on next-gen intelligent automation

Mouser has linked up with Samtec for a brand-new webinar aimed at intelligent process automation.

The free, live webinar, titled ‘Enabling Next-Generation Intelligent Process Automation: From Sensors to Servers’, is streaming at 4pm (CET) on Wednesday, 1 December 2021.

As rapidly evolving factory and process automation redefine modern manufacturing facilities, product designers and system architects must account for automation, from rugged sensors and PLCs to allowing server-grade performance in edge computing applications. Throughout the webinar, Matthew Burns, technical marketing manager at Samtec, will discuss the evolution of factory and process automation and how this alters today’s overall design approach.

To assist design engineers to cope with all these developments, Samtec’s newly released interconnect options facilitate rugged interfaces to sensors, producing highly reliable solutions for embedded computing and the latest high-performance board-to-board interconnect for industrial applications.