Comparisons Of CNC Machining Tools Setting Methods

After the tool is installed, the tool must be calibrated before executing the cnc machining program to determine the starting point position.And CNC machining tool setting is often a headache for the operator (economical numerical control without self-testing device), which is labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially when multi-tool processing, the tool compensation value is also required.
Comparison of CNC machining tool setting methodsGenerally, the common CNC tool setting methods are:
1.Jog knife setting methodPress and hold the jog key on the control panel, and touch the tool tip to the surface of the workpiece (the two directions of X and Z are to be jogged twice), the counter is cleared, and then it returns to the initial position to be set (X, Z Design initial value), and then cleared to get the initial position of the knife. Determine the initial position of each knife in turn, and then adjust to the accurate design position (starting point) after trial processing. This method does not require any assistive devices and can be operated at hand, but it takes a long time, especially the tool must be readjusted every time it is sharpened. This method is suitable for simple procedures or initial installation and commissioning.
2.Use the tool setting methodThe optional tool setting instrument of the machine tool uses a self-test device, but the operation is complicated, and it still takes a certain amount of preparation time. Suitable for multi-tool measurement.
3.Using CNC toolsAfter the tool is installed for the first time, it will be worn after cutting for a period of time and needs to be sharpened. When the ordinary tool is sharpened and reinstalled, the position of the tool tip has changed, and the tool must be re-aligned.The CNC tool is characterized by high tool manufacturing accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of about 0.02mm after indexing of the blade, which greatly reduces tool setting time:At the same time, the blade surface is coated with a wear-resistant layer (SiC, TiC, etc.), which greatly improves its durability (3 to 5 times), but the cost is higher.
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