Congratulations!ERAUM won the honor “Shanghai brand”

Congratulations!ERAUM won the honor “Shanghai brand”

 On 3rd Apr, Shanghai Jinshan District held the Symposium on quality work and the Shanghai brand award ceremony. The general manager of ERAUM, Mr. Fu, was invited to the meeting. At the meeting, the director of market regulator personally awarded the "Shanghai brand" honor certificate to Mr. Fu. And market regulator have fully affirmed our quality and brand building work. Brand is the embodiment of quality, brand is the witness of quality.



Shanghai brand is a brand project that is supervised by Shanghai municipal market supervision bureau. It is Shanghai city to further strengthen the brand strategy, actively encourage and support the implementation of famous brand strategy in Shanghai enterprises, and truly form a number of enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and strong international competitiveness. The corrosion resistant Ni Mo alloy (Hastelloy) is recommended as "the star of Shanghai Brand in 2017" by the Shanghai famous brand recommendation Committee.

Shanghai Eraum Alloy Materials Co.,Ltd, which specialized in researching, smelting and processing of high-temperature alloys and corrosion resistant alloys, such as Hastelloy, Haynes, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy and nickel. The Products covers Plate, Strip, Section bar, Bar, Wire, Pipe, Fitting, Forged flange etc.



At present, Shanghai Eraum Alloy Materials Co.,Ltd (Eraum) and Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd (China) reached a high degree of strategic partners, mutual holdings, win-win development. China is the only international trade center for Eraum and takes charge of the overall responsibility for the Eraum sales and promotion to the world which shows the charm of alloy products.

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