Conrad stocks every Arduino model

Conrad stocks every Arduino model

Conrad stocks every Arduino model

“Working together now also means each and every new product will be available from Conrad on the very day it’s being released,” said Arduino sales director Daniel Kilian.

The distributor is aiming Arduino at education markets as well as industrial users and makers.

“These days, you see Arduino prototyping kits in many industry sectors,” said Conrad product manager Alexander Kastner. “This gives students and undergrads who know how to program Arduino hardware a significant head start when it comes to their professional career.”

Conrad is highlighting the Arduino MKR series for makers and Pro series for industrial applications, robotics and AI.

“Besides covering a range of switching and operating tasks, MKR features largely centre around board and shield communication, including SigFox, Wi-Fi and GSM compatibility,” according to Conrad. “In this context, using the u-blox Nina-W102 Bluetooth module together with Arduino’s Nano RP2040 Connect makes for a perfect pairing when tapping the potential of the Internet of Things.”

As an example of Pro Arduinos, it has singled out the dual-core Portenta H7 lite: “Linking Pro hardware to the Arduino IoT cloud provides a low-code IoT application development platform, managing entire set-ups in one place.”

Conrad has provided this weblink to its Arduino stock­

Image: Arduino meets Raspberry Pi: Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect