cooler box mold supplier

Cooler box mold supplier, Sino Mould can offer you with one stop plastic mold for cooler box. We offer different volume cooler box molds from 4L to more than 50L.

For cooler box project, we can offer plastic injection molds for cooler outer box, cooler inner box, cooler box handle and blow mold for cooler box lids. Mould steel we usually use is 718H, P20 and others. For cooler inner and outer box, we use Anole valve gate to make sure of good injection. The lid and outer box would be made of texture to help promote product level. For whole set of 26L cooler box mold, the delivery time is 55 days after mold design confirmed.
Sino mould offers you with overall service for cooler box molding line, so pls do not hesitate to contact with us.

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