Current regulator diodes for constant current regulation applications

Central Semiconductor CDCLD Current Regulator Diodes, available now from Mouser, are primarily created for applications necessitating constant current regulation.

These diodes are created with a unique process that sustains a constant current over a wide temperature range. The zero-temperature coefficient feature eradicates the necessity for extra resistors to compensate for variation in the current limit that occurs from changes in temperature. The regulator current values range from 27.5mA to 575mA with a maximum limiting voltage ranging from 1.5V to 2V. These current regulator diodes are optimised for heat dissipation and provide nominal current regulation at low voltage input.

The diodes are produced in the industry-standard DPAK surface-mount package and are RoHS and REACH compliant. These current regulator diodes are operated and stored at -55C to 150C temperature range.

Typical applications comprise high-intensity lighting systems, infrastructure lighting systems, LED drivers, light dimming systems, and test/measurement equipment.