Delivering expert perspectives on RF wireless design in new eBook

Mouser has published a new eBook in collaboration with Analog Devices, discussing the diverse challenges and solutions in RF wireless design. In ‘8 Experts on RF Wireless Design’, industry leaders from Analog Devices and other innovative technology companies provide insightful analyses of some of the most common challenges in RF applications.

Wireless and satellite communications underpin our daily lives, supplying the backbone for critical innovations that can enhance the quality of life for people across the world. New aerospace, defence, and industrial applications need exponential advancements to data transfer and connectivity. Engineers and manufacturers must overcome these complex challenges in RF wireless design to satisfy these growing demands.

The eBook provides five in-depth feature articles on RF engineering, comprising signal chain design, power design, and RF wireless product design. The eBook offers product information for ten key Analog Devices solutions, connecting engineers with the tools required for RF wireless applications. Among the next-generation products highlighted is the ADRV9029 quad RF transceiver, which provides a complete transceiver subsystem, providing automatic and manual attenuation control, digital filtering, DC offset correction, and Quadrature Error Correction. Engineers can integrate this solution with the ADRF5515 receiver front end with an integrated high-power switch to increase noise-handling capability while stopping receiver damage in the presence of large signals in TDD applications.

The AD9081 is a reconfigurable, highly integrated RF MxFE that includes four 16-bit, 12 GSPS DAC cores and four 12-bit, 4GSPS ADC cores. Combining this solution with RF signal-conditioning products such as the ADRF5042/43, 44GHz SP4T SOI switches and the ADMV8818 2GHz–18GHz tunable filter can provide even more versatility in low-loss, high-frequency signal routing while removing blockers and spurious signals.

Supplementing the new eBook, the Analog Devices RF solutions content stream on is a complete site that offers technical content to give designers the required knowledge to undertake even the most complex RF wireless applications.