Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

From April 14th to 16th, 2021, the Shanghai Munich Electronics Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As an industry leader in the field of general Electronic testing and measurement, Dingyang Technology has brought three new hard-core products and other star products to the N4 exhibition hall. So far, this has been Dingyang’s participation in this industry event for three consecutive years!

Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

As a “multiplier” for industrial production, electronic test and measurement instruments often play a role in the development of all walks of life. In recent years, driven by industries such as 5G, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, new energy, aerospace and defense, as well as the enhancement of my country’s innovation capabilities and the increase in R&D investment, the market size of the general electronic test and measurement instrument industry will maintain rapid growth.High-end general electronic test and measurement instrumentsincreased demand is particularly prominent.

Launched by Dingyang TechnologyA new generation of high-end productsincluding includingSDG7000A Arbitrary Waveform Generator, SSG5000A Microwave Signal Generator, SSA5000A Spectrum Analyzerthree series. From the release of the digital oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 1GHz in 2014 and the arbitrary waveform generator of 500MHz in 2017, Dingyang has entered the high-end field in these two types of products. Waveform generator recognition is very high. The advent of a new generation of high-end products this year officially sounded the horn of Dingyang Technology’s entry into the field of high-end RF test and measurement instruments. With about 15 years of technical reserves focusing on the field of general test and measurement instruments and a large amount of R&D capital investment of about 15% of sales each year, Dingyang Technology will make great strides on the road of pursuing excellence. Innovative products with higher performance and configuration, equipped with a more complete sales service system, the new generation of high-end products will bring users a different testing experience!

Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

01—SDG7000A Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

In electronic experiments and tests, we often need to provide various known signals to the circuit under test, and then use other instruments such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to measure the parameters of interest. At this time, the signal source assumes the heavy responsibility of providing excitation signals. Arbitrary waveform generator, as a kind of signal source, is often called the best companion for simulation experiments, because it not only has all the characteristics of signal source, but also can simulate more complex signals according to user needs.

Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

Dingyang Technology SDG7000A series arbitrary waveform generator is a collection ofArbitrary wave generator, vector signal source, continuous wave generator, pulse generator, noise generator, PRBS pattern generator inIt is an integrated high-end multi-function waveform generator, which has a wide range of applications in electronic circuit design, communication, semiconductor testing, radar, electronic warfare, and satellite communication related fields.

Features 1

SDG7000A to generate DC to1 GHzA single-tone signal in the range can replace the RF signal source in certain situations. It can generate I/Q vector signals with a bandwidth of 500MHz, and generate IQ signals of commonly used modulation types such as ASK, FSK, PSK, QAM, etc. waveform.

Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

Features 2

Using Dingyang TrueArb point-by-point arbitrary waveform generation technology, SDG7000A can arbitrarily set the sampling rate in the range of 1 μSa/s ~ 2.5 GSa/s, and output low-jitter arbitrary waveforms. Based on Dingyang’s mature EasyPulse pulse generation technology, it can generate pulses with a minimum pulse width of only 1 ns.

Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

Features 3

SDG7000A has an ultra-wide output amplitude range of ±24 V, which can still maintain a large output power at high frequencies.

Features 4

Two channels of SDG7000A can be used asTwo independent signal generatorsIt can also be used in conjunction with synchronization, tracking, and coupling, so as to flexibly combine various complex waveforms.

Applications ·

SDG7000A series arbitrary waveform generators have a wide output frequency range, and can be used as a local oscillator source to replace the local oscillator in the equipment under test such as transmitters and receivers, and indirectly detect the normality of the performance indicators of the local oscillator signal. In the field of secure communication, it can simulate and generate frequency-hopping communication signals of high-precision complex modulation format to meet its testing requirements. In addition, it also has clear applications in the fields where the frequency switching time has a great influence on the system test speed, such as antenna and RCS measurement, automatic test system, component test, etc.

02—SSG5000A series microwave signal generator

SSG5000A is a small, cost-effective microwave signal generator, the low frequency lower limit can be extended to9kHzthe maximum output frequency is increased to20 GHzthe maximum output power can reach20dBm, comes standard with an OCXO high-precision reference source with a high-stability reference. It is a high-end RF signal generator for wireless communication, aerospace and other industries. It can not only simulate and generate various complex signals, but also edit and generate user-specific signal patterns according to actual needs to meet the needs of more occasions.

Dingyang Technology’s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

Features 1 Pure signal output

Signal purity is one of the metrics that is valued by users of all signal generators, because measurement validity can only be assured when the signal quality of the signal generator is significantly better than the performance of the device under test. The SSG5000A’s SSB phase noise remains excellent over the entire frequency range from 100 MHz to 20 GHz, typically <-120 dbc>

Features 2 High output power and wide level range

In the wide frequency range of 1 MHz to 15 GHz, the SSG5000A not only ensures the excellent quality of the output signal, but also maintains a high power output of no less than +18 dBm, which is very valuable in the same grade of instruments. Its maximum usable output power is up to +20 dBm, providing ample power reserve to easily compensate for level loss in test setups.

Features 3 Convenient touchscreen Display controls

The SSG5000A is equipped with a 5-inch capacitive touch screen. Its intuitive graphical user interface and integrated help system are extremely convenient in daily applications. It also supports mouse operation, which greatly improves the user experience.

Applications ·

SSG5000A series microwave signal generators are equipped with ultra-wideband, large dynamic attenuators, with high power output and high level range. It supports AM, FM, and FM analog modulation, supports internal and external modulation methods, and can be widely used in performance testing of broadband filters, amplifiers, receivers and other occasions.

03—SSA5000A Series Spectrum Analyzer

Dingyang Technology SSA5000A Spectrum Analyzer is a general-purpose RF microwave measurement instrument with multiple functions. The measurement range is from9 kHz up to 26.5 GHz;Analysis bandwidth40MHz, which can perform real-time spectrum analysis and signal modulation analysis of the input signal within the analysis bandwidth. SSA5000A has a wide range of application value in wireless connection and mobile communication measurement, broadband signal capture and analysis, transient signal measurement, electromagnetic compatibility test, communication and microwave experimental courses, etc. It is suitable for enterprise research and development, factory production, education and teaching, etc. field, providing users with cost-effective RF measurements.

Dingyang Technology&#8217;s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

App 1. Test of various transmitters and oscillators·

The SSA5000A spectrum analyzer can be used for the development, production, debugging, and testing of various transmitter local oscillators, signal sources and oscillators, etc., and tests for frequency, power, spurious, harmonic distortion, phase noise, modulation and other indicators. .

App 2. components and components performance test ·

The SSA5000A spectrum analyzer can easily build a large dynamic range scalar network test system, which can transmit gain, insertion loss, frequency response, bandwidth, harmonic distortion and other components or components such as filters, amplifiers, cables, connectors, etc. Parameter measurement, with the bridge can realize the measurement of reflection parameters.

App 3. Electronic product production line testing and field maintenance

The SSA5000A spectrum analyzer is positioned as a mid-to-high-end spectrum analyzer. It has the characteristics of fast test speed, high precision, and flexible reading. It is very suitable for online testing of production lines. Compared with the spectrum analyzer of the body structure, the SSA5000A series is compact, lightweight and portable under the premise of maintaining high performance indicators. Therefore, it is also very suitable for field test applications, especially for the occasions requiring on-site fault diagnosis and maintenance.

04—Dingyang star products go into battle

In addition to the newly released three new-generation high-end products, Dingyang Technology also displayed the SDS6000 Pro super phosphor oscilloscope released last year, which is the first 12-bit high-resolution oscilloscope with a bandwidth of up to 2 GHz in China. After LeCroy and Tektronix, it is the third instrument brand in the world to launch this level of oscilloscope.

Dingyang Technology&#8217;s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

The vector network analyzer, which can be called the “king of instruments”, also made a high-profile appearance in this exhibition. Dingyang Technology SNA5000X seriesQuad port 8.5 GHzThe vector network for frequency measurement has rich functions such as S-parameter measurement, differential (balance) measurement, time domain measurement, filter insertion loss, bandwidth, Q value and other one-key measurements. Try it out.

Dingyang Technology&#8217;s new generation of high-end products appeared at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

The output power covers 360 W, 720 W, 1080 W of SPS5000X seriesWide range of high precision programmable DC switching power supplyIt has successfully solved the needs of user labs or integrated into automated test systems, and can be widely used in smart cars, communications, electric power, new energy, scientific research and education and other fields.

About Dingyang

Shenzhen Dingyang Technology Co., Ltd. (“Dingyang Technology”) is an industry leader in the field of general electronic test and measurement instruments. It has been focusing on the research and development and design of general electronic test and measurement instruments and related solutions for many years. The products include digital oscilloscopes , Handheld oscilloscope, function/arbitrary waveform generator, desktop multimeter, programmable DC power supply, vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, RF signal source, electronic load and other general test and measurement instruments. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company has established subsidiaries in Cleveland, USA, Hamburg, Germany, branch offices in Chengdu, and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing and other cities. Its business covers the world, products and services. It is exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. In the first half of 2019, Dingyang oscilloscopes ranked first in terms of export volume, achieving the first lead in the export volume of Chinese local brand oscilloscopes.

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