Discuss the importance of the installation of the natural gas pipeline support

Discuss the importance of installation of natural gas pipeline support

The natural gas pipeline support must be installed at the position specified in the design, so that the pipe is laid on the support beam smoothly, so that each support can be stressed evenly; on the pipeline with thermal displacement, the natural gas pipeline support manufacturer should pre-stretch the expander Front fixed.

The higher the pressure in the natural gas pipeline, the greater the possibility and danger of disconnection of the pipeline joints or cracks in the pipeline itself. When the pressure of the gas in the pipeline is different, the requirements for the pipeline material, installation quality, inspection standards and operation management are also different.

Stainless steel corrugated hoses and non-metallic hoses should be connected by special pipe fittings; 6 aluminum-plastic composite pipes for fuel gas should be connected by special ferrule and compression. The support form of the indoor gas pipeline in a high-rise building should meet the requirements of the design documents.

Users who use pipeline natural gas should properly adjust the stove’s damper when igniting it for the first time, so that the flame is stable and transparent, and the blue color is clear, showing a good combustion state. When the electronic ignition is invalid, the ignition can be used to ignite, and the empty discharge is minimized. It must be “fire waiting for qi”, and absolutely not “qi waiting for fire.”

How to choose a standard natural gas pipeline support

  • 1.) Gas pipeline brackets should try to choose the same standard tube brackets to facilitate mass production and speed up the progress of construction.
  • 2.) The natural gas pipeline support should also be able to withstand a certain amount of external load from the pipeline.
  • 3.) Welded pipe supports and hangers are simple to manufacture and easy to construct, so they should be used first.
  • 4.) For the independent movable support of the large-diameter gas pipeline laid outdoors, in order to reduce the frictional resistance, it should be designed to be flexible and semi-articulated or adopt a reliable rolling support, and avoid the use of rigid supports or movable supports.
  • 5.) Natural gas fixing brackets are often used in places where axial displacement of the pipeline is not allowed. It not only has to withstand the quality of the pipeline, but also controls the thermal expansion and contraction deformation of the pipeline in sections. Therefore, the fixed support should be rooted on reinforced concrete structures or structures above C15.
  • 6.) Where the pipeline has vertical displacement, it should be equipped with a spring hanger. When it is inconvenient to install a spring hanger, a spring support can also be used. When it has a horizontal displacement at the same time, it should use a ball spring support. of.

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