E-book: Technology innovations and trends at APEC and PCIM 2021

E-book: Technology innovations and trends at APEC and PCIM 2021

The last edition of APEC and PCIM, which was held digitally, saw numerous companies exchanging views on product innovations and research findings with visitors and participants. From comprehensive education that is peer-reviewed and designed to address all aspects of the industry, to an exciting exposition built for top exhibitors to showcase their new technologies and products, APEC and PCIM are the places to be if you want to stay tuned with power electronics. Power Electronics News attended both virtual conferences and this e-book collects a report of technical articles about the latest announcements.

E-book: Technology innovations and trends at APEC and PCIM 2021In this issue, onsemi analyzes the need for silicon carbide in solar power. The efficiency of conversion directly affects the economics of the project. Silicon carbide (SiC) is the next-generation power switch technology to improve the efficiency of the grid-tie, shrink the cooling system, and reduce overall system costs. The use of wide bandgap (WBG) materials, such as SiC means that devices can be fabricated and are able to outperform their Silicon (Si) equivalents.

Though there are various key opportunities for this technology, industrial motor drives and electric vehicles (EVs) are other markets that are receiving great interest and attention. SiC’s elevated electron mobility enables faster switching speeds to be supported. These faster switching speeds mean that the associated switching losses will be reduced.

For EVs, Kane Jia, business marketing engineer for onsemi’s Solution Engineering Organization, describes the benefits of using SiC mosfets in the onboard charge systems. Engineers can use Totem Pole PFC in their designs to improve performance.

During APEC, many technical notes covered SiC modules, energy storage, saving standby power in the smart home, and new solutions for thermal and motor management. For PCIM, we provide a unified view and price-performance analysis of IGBTs & GaN, SiC, and silicon FETs, and several other aspects for motor and power supply technologies.

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