EMUI12 adaptation list exposure covers a large number of models in the past two years, not Hongmeng OS is only for overseas updates

As we all know, according to the official information released by Huawei, after Huawei mobile phones began to update the system based on Hongmeng OS, the current update volume has exceeded 150 million, and according to the trend, the update speed is still advancing at a high speed , it is speculated that there should be no problem in completing the official goal of reaching 200 million devices in the whole year. What’s interesting is that a few days ago, according to the official information released by Huawei, EMUI12 will be launched in the first half of 2022, and a list of updated devices has been announced. From this, it can be seen that the update push covers a large number of models in the past two years. However, according to the news, this push is only for overseas models, and EMUI12 is not the bottom layer of Hongmeng OS.

According to the released list of EMUI12 update models, the models that support upgrading to EMUI12 include 28 models of the Mate series, P series, nova series and Y series, which will be updated in the first half of 2022. It is not clear which Android version EMUI 12 will be based on, and the recently released overseas version of nova 9 has been equipped with EMUI 12 and is based on Android 11. What needs to be understood is that EMUI12 will not come to the domestic market, that is to say, this is a special overseas version, which may be one of the reasons for not using the Hongmeng system.

From the perspective of the overall updated models, these models include not only new models released in the past two years, but also some older models, which not only shows the breadth of Huawei’s update this time, and the deep concern for old users. , and it also shows that Huawei is still very good at system optimization, otherwise it would not have adapted to so many old models. In addition, when it comes to the appearance of EMUI12, many netizens said that this time Huawei is not a nesting doll Android, but a nesting doll of Hongmeng OS.

From a functional point of view, according to the publicity and introduction of the EMUI12 system that has been launched on Huawei’s overseas official website, the system will bring design, control center, intelligent device collaboration, distributed file system, smooth communication, performance maintenance and security. characteristics.

Among them, on the one hand, EMUI12 adopts a distributed file system, which makes it more convenient to obtain files when working with computers, and also supports cross-device video calls; on the other hand, EMUI12 brings a simple and realistic interface, in line with Huawei’s official announcement of “innovative The interface design brings the digital world to life” concept. In any case, EMUI12 has a feeling of “Hongli Mengqi”, which may be one of the reasons why netizens commented this way.

In addition, according to the official announcement, the bottom layer of EMUI12 should still be based on the Android system. Combined with the previous Huawei nova9 series overseas version, the EMUI12 was built based on Android 11, so the next adapted models should also be based on Android. 11 Naturally, it makes sense. In addition, the current Android 12 has only been released soon after all, and there are still many unstable situations. Therefore, it is no problem to use Android 11 as the bottom layer of the system to at least ensure the stability of the system. At the same time, the optimization ability of Huawei mobile phones has always been very strong. Even if it is not the latest bottom layer, there is no need to worry about functions and fluency.

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