Expanded mixed signal solutions product line now shipping

Mouser now offers an expanded product line from Skyworks Solutions following the recent completion of Skyworks’ acquisition of the Infrastructure and Automotive business of Silicon Labs. Engineers and purchasing professionals can continue to order a mixture of Skyworks power, isolation, and timing products through Mouser.

The new product line is part of a new business division within Skyworks, Mixed Signal Solutions (MSS). The MSS product line complements its connectivity portfolio, allowing engineers to design Skyworks’ offerings into the industry’s most important growth segments, including EVs and HEVs, industrial and motor control, power supply, and 5G wireless infrastructure.

Its Si841x and Si842x 5kV digital isolators offer higher reliability performance than optocouplers and are, therefore, considered better for safety-critical systems applications. With support for data rates up to 150Mbps, the devices are ideal for applications that need higher levels of isolation and protection, including power supply and industrial solutions.

The Si8751 and Si8752 isolated FET drivers are offered with either digital input control or diode emulator control, making it simple for engineers to create custom SSR configurations. The drivers provide a compact isolated switch with robust isolation and efficient FET gate drive capability and are ideal for applications including motor control, valve control, and EV automotive charging.

The Si5338 clock generators provide four highly configurable output drivers, each capable of synthesising user-programmable clock frequencies up to 350MHz and select frequencies up to 710MHz. The output drivers may feature up to four differential outputs, eight single-sided clock outputs, or a combination of both. This low-jitter clock generator is employed in a wide set of applications and markets, including Ethernet switches and routers, as well as broadcast video and audio timing.