Exploring antenna applications and strategies in new content stream

Mouser and Molex have collaborated to produce a new resource site devoted to next-generation antennas and their many applications for 5G, the IoT, wireless connectivity, and automotive design.

As engineers work to produce the IoT devices of the future, antennas play an essential role in achieving the required connectivity. The new antenna content stream provides a valuable resource that connects the emerging strategies, technical insights, and products required to build new connectivity and IoT solutions. The resource site provides more than 15 technical articles, flipbooks, podcasts, and videos, each offering useful insights into topics including planning for RF applications, designing 5G networks, and powering industrial IoT. In ‘3 Considerations for Designing IoT Devices of the Future’, Stephen Drinan, director of Micro Connectivity at Molex, provides insights into anticipating and satisfying the changing demands of connected devices and other applications.

The company provides a comprehensive range of Molex products, including antennas, RF wireless devices, and other connectivity tools. The Multi-Hub 5-in-1 antenna includes two 5G, two Wi-Fi, and one GPS functionalities with an IP67 rating, excellent for commercial vehicle and telecommunications applications. GNSS antennas are available in active patch and flexible variants, providing a 2W power rating and 5Ohm input impedance. The antennas are excellent for various industrial and vehicular applications, including emergency response systems, drones, navigation devices, and maritime port technology systems.