Flex Power Modules BMR492 series add new products, 1/8 brick modules can provide up to 1100W peak power

Flex Power Modules recently announced that it has released the BMR492 series of through-hole digital regulated isolated bus converters, adding two higher power products, BMR4920100/001 and BMR4920300/864. Among them, the rated output of BMR4920100/001 at 40~60V input (80V/100 ms) is 10.4V/67.4A, and can provide up to 950W peak power in less than 1 second. The BMR4920300/864 has the same input voltage range, has a 12V output at 66.7A, and can provide 800W of continuous power and 1100W of peak power.

● 1/8 brick package 10.4V/700W and 12V/800W new products

● Up to 950W and 1100W rated peak power

● 40~60V input

● 1500VDC isolation voltage

● Very high efficiency

Both new products adopt the industry standard one-eighth brick package (58.4 x 22.7 x 14mm), the product itself has a baseplate, and adopts advanced thermal management technology, which can achieve higher than 97% efficiency, and can still maintain high efficiency when the load is less than 10%. The new product has up to 1500VDC input-to-output and input-to-substrate isolation voltage, complies with IEC/UL/EN 62368 safety standards, can provide strict voltage regulation, has a typical transient load response time of 50µs, and can guarantee pre-bias Pre-bias is activated.

The BMR492 series has comprehensive control and protection functions, including remote on/off, input undervoltage, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, and short Circuit protection. Through the free use of Flex Power Designer software suite, a PMBusTM interface is provided for remote configuration and monitoring.

Olle Hellgren, Product Management and Marketing Director of Flex Power Modules, commented: “We are pleased to announce that the BMR492 series has reached a higher power level, but the footprint is still the same as the original 500W and 600W product size. The new 700W and 800W The product can provide higher power density in space-constrained applications, and its design flexibility means that other product models can also be created according to requirements.”

Over the past 40 years, Flex Power Modules has been a technological pioneer in the development of power modules. It has been able to design high-quality products at every stage of the industry’s development and has been widely adopted by the industry. The BMR492 series benefited from the long-term accumulation of technology and experience of Flex Power Modules, and has passed comprehensive certification, coupled with our highly automated manufacturing process, can fully guarantee its reliable operation. Flex Power Modules products have obtained ISO 9001/14001 certification and have received strong technical support.