GaN transistor for 5G MIMO antennas offers a wide frequency range

Mouser now stocks the A3G26D055N Airfast RF power gallium nitride (GaN) Transistor from NXP Semiconductors.

The Transistor is intended for cellular base station applications needing very wide instantaneous bandwidth capability. This 8W symmetrical Doherty RF transistor offers a wide frequency range from 100MHz to 2690MHz. The device provides an 18db power gain (typical) at 2675MHz with 54.1% efficiency. It also offers high terminal impedances and a highly linearised Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), making it optimal for massive MIMO active antenna systems for 5G base stations.

Applications for the transistor include 5G massive MIMO, W-CDMA and LTE, macrocell base stations and drivers, small cell final stage, active antennas, and general-purpose telecom.