Gas assist molding

Gas assist moldingGIMmeans injection high pressure inert nitrogen when plastic material filled at appropriate time(90%~99%),gas promote melting plastic continue to full cavity, is a injection molding technology using gas pressure maintaining instead of plastic pressure maintaining process. 
Gas assist molding Advantage:
1.       Reduce product the residual stress, make the product deformation;
2.       Resolve and eliminate the product surface shrink mark problem, used in thickness changes greatly product;
3.       Reduce injection molding machine clamping force, reduce the loss of the machine;
4.       Improve injection molding machine lifetime;
5.       Saving plastic raw material, saving rate can amount to 30 percent;
6.       Shorten product molding cycle time and improve production efficiency
7.       Reduce the mold cavity pressure, reduce mold loss, improve mold lifetime;
8.       Regard some plastic parts, mold can use of aluminum alloy material
9.       Simplify product complex design

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