High-speed bearings choose oil-air lubrication to help upgrade equipment

With the rapid development of the machinery industry and the increase in environmental requirements. The use of oil and gas lubricating oil and gas lubrication for high-speed spindle bearings not only improves the environment but also improves the overall performance of the equipment, which is helpful for the upgrade and transformation of the equipment. Oil-air lubrication can adapt to the high-speed operation of the electric spindle, not only to ensure reliable lubrication of the bearing, but also to suppress the temperature rise of the bearing. When applying oil and gas lubrication, we need to pay attention to the following issues:
1. Determination of oil supply and oil supply cycle: To achieve high-speed operation of the electric spindle, it is very important to provide a suitable amount of oil to the bearing. The oil consumption of the bearing oil and gas lubrication needs to be calculated according to the bearing size parameters. The reasonable lubrication cycle of high-speed bearings is 3-10min/time. For specific conditions, please refer to the recommended value of the bearing supplier. The main purpose of developing a good oil supply process is to ensure that the bearing will not be under-lubricated or over-lubricated.
2. Compressed air quality: In addition to the above-mentioned oil supply and oil supply cycle, the quality of compressed air is a key factor for the good operation of the electric spindle. Compressed air is not only the driving force for lubricating oil, but also affects the operating life of the bearing. Dust, impurities and moisture in the compressed air are factors that seriously threaten the life of the bearing. Therefore, it is indispensable to equip the high-precision air source filtering and drying system for the oil-air lubrication device of the electric spindle.
3. Daily maintenance and management: When the oil and gas lubrication system is applied, it is strictly forbidden to leak in the oil and gas transmission pipeline. If there is a leakage, the lubricant delivery will fail. Therefore, in the operation and management of the oil-air lubrication system, it is necessary to frequently check the pipeline condition and whether the oil flow condition is good. We also need to pay attention to the back pressure of the main shaft lubrication passage and cavity. When the back pressure is too high, it will affect the oil and gas transmission speed. When the back pressure is equal to the oil and gas pressure, the oil and gas will not flow, which will cause the lubricating oil to fail to reach the bearing position. . Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the oil flow is good in the daily inspection and management. The selected oil and gas lubrication device should have the function of oil and gas pressure detection and alarm, so that it can issue a fault alarm when the back pressure of the bearing cavity rises, the pipeline leaks or is blocked, and the good operation of the electro-spindle is ensured.

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