How To Choose A Carbon Fiber Products Supplier?

Do you receive promotional emails from many suppliers? How to find the right service provider for so many carbon fiber products in the market? After reading the following reference standards, I hope to help you:1. Quality: the use value of products is based on product quality, which determines the quality of final consumer goods and affects the market competitiveness and share of products. Therefore, quality is an important factor in the selection of suppliers.2. Delivery time: whether the delivery can be made according to the agreed time and place will affect the reaction speed of the enterprise to the market, the sales and activity plan of the customer.3. Price: the price is determined according to the actual situation of each company. Within the controllable budget, it also determines what kind of products and suppliers you can choose.4. Positioning: if it is a large company or brand maker, it should also consider whether the product and market positioning of the supplier conform to its own long-term development plan. Choose “door-to-door” suppliers to adapt to long-term development.1. Considering from the overall situation: whether the supplier can provide diversified and customizable carbon fiber product solutions for the enterprise can reduce the company’s suffering caused by the need of multiple suppliers for multiple products, and also reduce the risk of the enterprise.2. R & D design: the design ability of the supplier can solve many early-stage problems, such as the actual effect of customized logo products, drawing of product drawings, etc. R & D capability can reduce R & D cost for customers, and suppliers can stabilize and promote market share of customers by continuously putting new products on the market.3. Matching: a high-quality supplier is able to provide customers with complete matching services, such as the printing of outer packaging logo, customization of outer packaging, product logo customization, etc. Save a lot of communication costs for customers, and truly make customers feel at ease.4. Service: no supplier can guarantee no problems. When there are problems, service is the key factor to solve the problems. Some of our customers are also transferred to cooperate with us because the previous suppliers did not cooperate well. Once we have a customer complaint, the salesman must help us deal with it unconditionally, and the factory director will supervise the whole process until the problem is properly solved.5. Certificates: the certificate is a kind of strength embodiment. You can ask if there is a design patent for the product, if there is a system certification in the factory, such as ISO, SGS, etc. you can also know that the supplier has the strength to supply those customers to reflect the supplier’s strength from the side.6. Corporate culture: why do we mention this? Many customers may not understand that any enterprise needs people to produce, especially in the current carbon fiber industry, which lacks automation equipment, has high technical difficulties, and needs more stable and skilled talents. Corporate culture is one of the factors that make people flow.

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