How to divide the CNC machining process

1 Tool concentration sorting method is to divide all the parts on the part with the same tool according to the tool division process. Use the second knife and the third handle to complete other parts that they can complete. This reduces the number of tool changes, compresses the dead time, and reduces unnecessary positioning errors.2 cnc machining part sequence method For parts with a lot of processing content, the machining part can be divided into several parts according to its structural characteristics, such as inner shape, shape, surface or plane. Generally, the plane, the positioning surface, and the rear processing hole are first processed; the simple geometric shape is processed first, and the complex geometric shape is processed; the lower precision part is processed first, and the processing precision requirement is higher.3 In the coarse and fine machining sequence method For parts that are prone to machining deformation, it is necessary to perform the shape correction due to the deformation that may occur after roughing. Therefore, in general, the rough and fine machining are required to separate the processes. In summary, when dividing the process, it must be based on the structure and processability of the part, the function of the machine tool, the amount of CNC machining content of the part, the number of installations and the production organization of the unit. It is also recommended to adopt the principle of process concentration or the principle of process dispersion, which should be determined according to the actual situation, but it must be reasonable.
          Cnc machining is a skill that requires skilled operation. In addition to these problems, it is necessary to find problems in the work, find out the problem, and finally reduce the number of damaged parts.
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