How to solve the high temperature of the hydraulic oil of the four-column hydraulic machine

The impact of excessively high hydraulic oil temperature of a four-column hydraulic machine is the same as the hazard of hydraulic oil pollution. The increase in oil temperature of a hydraulic machine is a long-term failure. The troubleshooting is mainly based on the analysis of the hydraulic machine maintenance and daily spot inspection data.

The main working medium of the hydraulic machine is the working mode that is transferred by the hydraulic oil. The mechanical heat generated by the mechanical friction during the operation of the equipment and the volumetric heat generated by the hydraulic oil during the working process due to the pressure and the downward process of the hydraulic cylinder , Is the main reason for the heat generated by the Hydraulic Press. Below we analyze the main ways of cooling the four-column hydraulic press:

  • ①The heat released when the outside temperature is lower than the temperature of the equipment itself;
  • ②The heat is dissipated through the hydraulic press or the heat dissipation system installed in the hydraulic press station;
  • ③When the hydraulic oil passes through the pipeline mailbox, it is cooled by the difference between the passing surface of the body and the outside temperature;
  • ④The hydraulic machine will cool down when the operation is stopped or the operator is resting.

Excessive temperature rise will cause the following faults and adverse effects:

  • ① The increase of hydraulic oil temperature will reduce the oil content and increase the leakage. The volumetric efficiency of the pump and the efficiency of the entire system will be significantly reduced by 16%. Due to the lowering of the pitch, the oil film of the 12%90 moving parts such as the slide valve becomes thinner and cut, and the friction resistance 180 increases, which leads to increased wear and heat generation of the hydraulic machine, resulting in an even higher temperature rise of 125%;
  • ②Excessively high hydraulic oil temperature will also deform rubber seals, premature aging and failure, reduce service life, loss of sealing performance, and cause leakage. Leakage will cause further heat generation and temperature rise;
  • ③Hydraulic oil temperature is too high, which will cause thermal deformation of the machine, and 100%-60 will make the gap between the moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficients in the hydraulic components become smaller and jam, causing malfunctions and affecting the accuracy of the hydraulic equipment. The quality of parts processing has deteriorated;
  • ④ The hydraulic oil temperature is too high, it will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the oil, attack the precipitation of asphalt substances, and reduce the service life of the hydraulic oil. The precipitates block the damping orifice and the slit valve port, resulting in failure of pressure regulation, unstable flow of the flow valve, jamming of the directional valve and no change of direction, elongation and bending of the metal pipe, or even rupture.

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