Imint and Rokid collaborate to bring video to AR headband

Imint and Rokid collaborate to bring video to AR headband

Imint and Rokid collaborate to bring video to AR headband

Imint and Rokid collaborate to bring video to AR headband

IMINT Image Intelligence, a specialist in video enhancement software, is collaborating with Rokid, developers of augmented- and mixed-reality glasses and headwear for industrial applications.

Under the terms of the agreement, Imint’s Vidhance software will be integrated into Rokid’s 5G-enabled Rokid X-Craft industrial AR headband – giving workers access to much greater and varied forms of visual information.

Featuring two built-in cameras and a large field-of-view, binocular diffractive optical waveguide display, the X-Craft is compatible with standard helmets and can be worn in high-risk environments, such as oil and gas, electric power, aviation, and rail transport.

It is IP66 rated to protect against water and dust, and it is ATEX/IECEx certified to be safe in potentially hazardous, explosive areas.

The Rokid X-Craft is designed to provide video to and from frontline workers performing field operations, inspections, remote training and collaboration, facility maintenance, safety and quality inspections, and other industrial tasks. To deliver high-quality video, the X-Craft includes Vidhance Video Stabilization software, technology that intelligently compensates for camera movement to deliver stable video in low-light environments.

“Rokid’s industrial headband allows workers to easily access important video under some of the most challenging circumstances,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, Imint. “Being among the first to integrate 5G into a headworn device, Rokid understands the high-performance computing needs of workers in the field. With Iminit’s Vidhance video enhancement software, Rokid is able to ensure optimal video performance and clear resolution for both recorded and real-time viewing.”

The Rokid X-Craft utilizes an Amlogic A311D chipset and Rokid-developed Yoda OS-XR operating system, based on Android. Vidhance running on the Amlogic A311D/Yoda OS-XR platform is a first for Imint, demonstrating the expanding compatibility of Vidhance to optimise video on a broader selection of innovative mobile devices.

As the market’s first headworn wearable with 5G, the Rokid X-Craft further demonstrates Vidhance software’s compatibility with next-generation, high-speed wireless connections.

“Stable video is critical to real-world applications of the Rokid X-Craft industrial headband,” said Liang Guan, Vice President of Business Development at Strategy, Rokid. “So is video optimisation software that works at an ultra-high level across all the cutting-edge technologies our engineers bring to bear on a solution like X-Craft.”

The collaboration with Rokid is Imint’s latest in the growing market for head-mounted displays and industrial wearables, underscoring the critical need for stable, high-quality video in the emerging category of headworn devices.