Introduction to the processing points of aluminum stamping parts

  • 1. stamping die design. The raw material of aluminum stamping parts, aluminum, is relatively soft. When stamping parts are used for stamping, it is easy to cause material blocking. Therefore, when designing stamping parts molds, it is necessary to consider the position, and the gap should be required when installing stamping parts molds on the stamping equipment. Relax, this can reduce this situation.
  • 2. Cleaning of stamping equipment. Due to the particularity of the material, aluminum stamping parts are important in the processing and production process, and the appearance is easily lost. Therefore, when the stamping equipment is stamped, it is necessary to clean up the factors that may affect the appearance of the stamping parts in time. Avoid appearance damage of aluminum stamping parts.
  • 3. Reasonable installation process. Aluminum stamping parts are susceptible to damage due to material factors. Therefore, in the stamping process, stamping, bending, punching and other processes must be reasonable and safe to avoid damage to the front end of the product. Secondly, aluminum stamping parts must be protected during processing, such as filming or electroplating, so that appearance damage such as scratches can be avoided during the processing of aluminum stamping parts.

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