Isolated SiC mosfet gate driver comes in narrow SO-8

Isolated SiC mosfet gate driver comes in narrow SO-8

Isolated SiC mosfet gate driver comes in narrow SO-8

Despite the narrow package, the STGAP2SiCSN is rated for 4.8kVpeak isolation and a voltage rail up to 1,700V. Junction to ambient thermal resistance is 123°C/W.

Drive is 4A sink and source at 25°C at up to 26V – there are two versions of the chip: one with separate sink and source pins for difference series resistors (below), and another that combines those pins and adds Miller clamp (4A sink) output (above). “The single output configuration enhances stability in high-frequency hard-switching applications, leveraging the Miller clamp to prevent excessive oscillation of the power switch,” said ST.

Isolated SiC mosfet gate driver comes in narrow SO-8Dual input pins allow a choice of control signal polarity, and also implementing hardware interlock protection in order to avoid cross-conduction in case of controller malfunction.

PWM waveform input to output propagation delay is 75ns, from 3.3V and 5V TTL or CMOS compatible inputs with hysteresis. Common-mode transient immunity id ±100V/ns across the operating temperature range.

Built-in protection includes under-voltage lock-out, with a threshold tuned to prevent SiC power switches from operating in low-efficiency or unsafe conditions, according to the company, and thermal shutdown that turns both driver outputs low if excessive junction temperature is detected.

Other features are an integrated bootstrap diode and shut-down pin.

Applications are expected in switched-mode power supplies and power-factor correction for electric-vehicle chargers, uninterruptible power supplies, solar power, motor drives and induction heating.

The STGAP2SiCSN product page is here