It is necessary to thoroughly solve the problems of auto maintenance and reform the production of some varieties of auto parts


To completely solve the problem of auto maintenance, it is extremely necessary to reform the production and supply methods of some varieties of auto parts. Organize joint production and joint operation, so that auto parts production will be matched to the component supply market, and the dual development of manufacturing and maintenance production will be promoted. In today’s horizontal alliance, participating companies (groups) must consider not only the interests of their own units and the company (group), but also the interests of their service targets, and strive to produce excellent parts, implement true business alliances, and produce Single-variety manufacturers and related component manufacturers jointly produce, operate, develop, sell, improve and benefit from each other. For example, piston manufacturers should unite with piston ring, piston pin and cylinder liner manufacturers to jointly market piston-cylinder assemblies. In this way, not only is it convenient for the majority of service targets and promotes the development of automobile maintenance and production, but also can improve the production and sales of products, and jointly increase economic benefits. You can also supervise each other and discuss together based on user feedback information and advanced technologies at home and abroad, so as to comprehensively improve product quality and output.

Organize the production of standard parts, simplify the maintenance production process, and improve the efficiency of maintenance production and transportation production. In a sense, the grinding operation in the process of automobile maintenance is actually the continuation and supplement of the production of the manufacturing department. For the semi-finished products provided to the maintenance organization, it is simple and easy to turn them into the finished products required by the user department for the manufacturing department with a higher degree of professional production, but for the maintenance organization, things are not so simple. Therefore, relocating these semi-finished products to the manufacturing department and producing standard parts on the market can greatly simplify the maintenance production process, shorten the maintenance time, and effectively improve the productivity of automobile transportation. The manufacturing department can take any measures to improve product quality to ensure product quality and provide the best conditions for improving repair quality. Reform the traditional backward technology, simplify the grading size of spare parts repair, and adapt to the development of the automobile maintenance industry.

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