Kempii Arctimer accurately measures welding time

Bedford-based Kemppi UK has released Arctimer, a small, easy-to-use device that measures the welding time of a MMA, MIG or TIG welding machine.

Welding is labour intensive and the time it takes is usually calculated when working out the production costs of an item or the welding costs as a percentage of the total production cost Welding time is usually calculated using the amount of filler wire used and an estimate of the time taken to complete a particular weld.

The Arctimer provides an accurate reading of the arc burning time a welder has taken to weld a fabrication or fabrications.

The time is displayed in hours to an accuracy of two decimal places.

Arctimer has a five-year battery-life and uses the current running through a cable to measure the arc time.

It can measure between 20-500A of current and can be used on 50-95mm2 cables.

It is easily attached to a cable by pulling back the orange magnetic circuit-cover before inserting the cable between the circuit device and the main body and pushing back the cover until it locks.

The user can lock this device to the cable using a padlock.

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