Large industrial dust bin molds

As leading chinese mold makers, Pastic mould provide large industrial dust bin molds

with different sizes for different customers. We have made dustbin moulds for
20L dustbin mold, 60Ldustbin mold,120L dustbin mold,240Lgarbage bin mold,
360L garbage bin mold,720L large industrial bin mold,
1000Llarge industrial bin mold and so on.
As we are turnkey project supplier, customer can also custom big dustbin moulding machine.

We have much experience in making large plastic dustbin mould.
First,we have large size tooling machines. In China factury, we equipped with big for big size CNC Tooling machine.
The size can be  6000*3000*23000mm, and big tonnage lifter can support big garbage bin mould manufacturing.
Then, China mould testing room have big tonnage injection machine,

good mould testing enviroment can help us to find out mould problem,Untill the garbage mould is 100% qualifed.

Recently, we are developing 1000L garbage bin mould,here is the sample pictures,

if you have any recently project which will need develop dustbin mould, Please feel free to contact us.

China MOULD will supply you high quality garbage bin mould with good service and short delivery time.


Miss Sonia

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