Linear 3D Hall-effect sensor for a wide range of electronics applications

Texas Instruments TMAG5170 Linear 3D Hall-Effect sensor, available now from Mouser, is a high-precision Hall-effect sensor created for a wide range of industrial and personal electronics applications. This high level of integration provides flexibility and accuracy in a multitude of position sensing systems. The device provides three independent Hall sensors at the X, Y, and Z axes. A precision signal chain and an integrated 12-bit ADC facilitate high accuracy and low drift magnetic field measurements while supporting a sampling of up to 20ksps. On-chip temperature sensor data is offered for system-level drift compensation.

Integrated angle calculation engine (CORDIC) gives complete 360-degree angular position information for on-axis and off-axis angle measurement topologies. The angle calculation is implemented utilising two user-selected magnetic axes. The device provides magnetic gain and offset correction to alleviate the impact of system mechanical error sources. The device can be configured through the SPI to allow any combination of magnetic axes and temperature measurements. Multiple sensor conversion schemes and SPI read frames assist in optimising throughput and accuracy. A dedicated ALERT pin can act as a system interrupt via low power wake-up and sleep mode. It can also be employed by a microcontroller to trigger a new sensor conversion.

The device provides multiple diagnostics features to detect and report both system and device-level failures. The SPI communication offers a user-enabled cyclic redundancy check to improve the data integrity. The device is provided in two different types to support wide magnetic fields ranges from ±25mT to ±300mT. The device operates consistently across a wide ambient temperature range of –40C to +150C.

Typical applications include Robotic arm sensors, mobile robot motor control, proximity sensors, linear motor position sensors, servo drive position sensors, actuators, robotic lawnmowers, vacuum robots, washer and dryers, and door and window sensors.