Matters needing attention in processing and manufacturing of Hastelloy tubes

Do you know the issues that need attention in processing and manufacturing of Hastelloy tubes?

For questions that need attention in the processing and manufacturing of Hastelloy tubes, before answering this question, let us first understand what Hastelloy tubes are? Hastelloy tube is a nickel-based alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability, and is used in aviation, chemical and other platforms. At present, many industries are manufacturing and processing soft and hard alloys. During the manufacturing and processing of Hastelloy, the material will be processed by welding and other methods. However, each material has its own characteristics, so some problems need to be paid attention to in the processing and manufacturing of Hastelloy.

At first, before welding alloy materials, in order to reduce the corrosion of the appearance of the material, it is necessary to perform a simple treatment on the appearance of the material in order to be able to protect the material well. As promised, there will not be too many old traces during the welding process.

In addition, the welding alloy is completely in contact with the appearance of the hybrid gold during the welding process, so the choice of welding alloy is also very tight. As far as welding skills are concerned, we can choose machine welding, but before machine welding, we still need to pay attention to manual polishing of metal to reduce the hardness of machine welding. This will have an inevitable impact on the later stage.

If the temperature is too high or in doubt, the upper layer of the raw material will leave traces and even cause cracks, which will endanger Hastelloy.

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