MediaTek and Intel bring 5G to the next-generation PC market and have successfully completed independent networking calls

On August 6, 2020, MediaTek’s 5G layout spanned from mobile phones to computers and other fields. The 5G personal computer solution jointly developed with Intel has made important progress recently. The 5G experience is brought to the next generation of PCs, with the first end products coming out in early 2021.

MediaTek’s T700 5G modem providing 5G connectivity to Intel PCs has successfully completed 5G standalone (SA) calls in real-world test scenarios. Intel’s progress in system integration, verification and development platform optimization will not only provide a superior user experience, but will also provide collaborative support for OEM partners.

Chen Guanzhou, General Manager of MediaTek, said: “The cooperation with Intel has verified MediaTek’s comprehensive expansion of 5G mobile computing business, which has also created rare new challenges and new opportunities for us to enter the PC market. With our deep expertise, and MediaTek’s breakthrough 5G modem technology R&D capabilities, we will work together to redefine the notebook application experience and bring the best 5G connectivity to consumers.”

Both MediaTek and Intel are committed to driving an exceptional user experience, and the collaboration will deliver products that smoothly execute compute-intensive applications and deliver smooth, fast, and zero-latency performance to multimedia users.

Chris Walker, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Client Platforms, Client Computing Group, said: “Successful partnerships depend on execution, and we are delighted to see the rapid progress of Intel and MediaTek’s 5G cooperation case, which has successfully completed the third Season provides customers with 5G data solutions. 5G will further change the way we connect, compute and communicate, and Intel is able to provide the world’s best notebook products by building on the PC leadership it has accumulated in the 4G era.”

The MediaTek T700 modem supports both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G networks in the Sub-6GHz band, providing faster, reliable and stable 5G connections. Consumers can browse the web, stream media and play games on high-speed 5G networks whether at home or on the road. MediaTek modems also feature energy-efficient product features that extend laptop battery life and reduce the frequency of charging users. MediaTek is advancing its advanced 5G technology in PC, mobile, home, automotive and IoT, enabling all consumers to enjoy high-speed connectivity experiences.


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