Motor run capacitors boost current or reduce the power factor

Hartland Controls/Littelfuse HCK Motor Run Capacitors, available now from Mouser, provide a round or oval case, aluminium oil-filled construction, and single- or dual-rated values. These start capacitors boost the current or reduce the power factor to an electrical motor.

The series uses thick, seven-micrometre film for greater reliability and quality. The capacitors are vacuum sealed to eliminate leaks and/or contaminants. They are produced and manufactured in accordance with UL 810 and EIA standard RS-456, as well as in-house tested and validated.

The capacitors provide 370VAC and 440VAC-rated voltage as standard, 0.1% maximum dissipation factor, and 30µA maximum leakage current. They provide a 22,000-hour typical operating life with a 94% survival.

Common applications include HVACs, pools and spas, motors, food and beverage, and electronics.