multi-cavity spoon mould

multi-cavity hot runner plastic spoon mould

  Spoon is the household product widely used in our daily life.Many food for sale need match plastic spoon.For example, ice-cream,canned goods take-away food and so on. Usually,this kind of spoon we use material plastic,because it is light,cheap,recycled.If you need to produce plastic products,you should use plastic mould. One cavity is not enough,it need multi-cavities.choose multi-cavities can improve output in short time.


                                                           Hot runner:Anole hot runner
                                                          Delivery time:60-70days

   We are specialized in injection mould,have rich experience to make malti-cavity hot runner spoon mould.If you are short of spoon mould or you would like to know more details about spoon mould,please feel free to contact me.

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