New eBook explores design challenges in surge protection technology

Mouser has published a new eBook in collaboration with Bourns. In ‘How to Choose the Right Surge Protection Technology’, industry experts from Bourns and other leading companies assist in answering some of the most common questions regarding surge protection and its application in complex electronics systems.

Increasing sophistication in electronic designs has driven a matching increase in PCB density. Consequently, these denser board layouts are at a higher risk of damage from transients such as lightning and voltage surges. Small designs on limited board space need to be supported with enhanced surge protection. The new eBook provides step-by-step insights into selecting the best surge protection technology for a particular application. Furthermore, the eBook provides several charts and tables to assist in defining and clarifying the various types of surge protection technology.

Each article offers helpful links to crucial Bourns surge protection products, uniting designers right to solutions that can give an instant benefit to their electronic designs. Surge protection solutions incorporate the recently launched IsoMOV Series overvoltage protection devices from Bourns. These hybrid technology varistors connect surge protection with an integrated GDT isolation structure. These devices offer an elevated level of surge protection in terms of operational life, performance and enhanced device reliability for applications including LED lighting, industrial equipment, power supplies, solar inverters, and distribution systems.

The company’s TBU-CA-Q are AEC-Q101-qualified, low-capacitance, bi-directional, high-speed protection components that protect against faults created by short circuits. The TBU-CA-Q devices provide an effective barrier against surge events in general electronics, process control, and test and measure applications.