Nexperia enters SiC diode market

Nexperia enters SiC diode market

Nexperia enters SiC diode market

Nexperia’s first SiC Schottky diode is an industrial-grade device with 650 V repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM) and 10 A continuous forward current (IF), designed to combine ultra-high performance and high efficiency with low energy loss in power conversion applications.

Providing the added benefit of a high-voltage compliant real 2-pin (R2P) package with higher creepage distance, it is available in a choice of surface mount (DPAK R2P and D2PAK R2P) or through-hole (TO-220-2, TO-247-2) devices.

Engineering samples are available on request with a full product release planned for the second quarter of 2022. Nexperia plans to continuously increase its portfolio of SiC diodes, which will lead to a total of 72 products operating at voltage levels of 650 V and 1200 V and with currents in the range of 6-20 A.

Nexperia’s SiC Schottky diodes initially target industrial and consumer applications including:
• Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
• AC-DC and DC-DC converters
• Battery charging infrastructure
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
• Photovoltaic inverters

Nexperia also plans to release automotive-grade devices for use in vehicle electrification applications such as:
• On-board Chargers (OBC)
• Inverters
• High-voltage DC-DC converter

The PSC1065H (-J/-K/-L) is the first in a portfolio of SiC Schottky diodes that Nexperia is developing to address the automotive and industrial markets.

More information on the new PSC1065x, including product specs and datasheet is available at