Overvoltage protection devices for second-level protection

Texas Instruments BQ2945xy Overvoltage Protection Devices, available now from Mouser, are secondary-level voltage monitors and protectors for Li-ion battery pack systems. Each cell on the device is monitored independently for an overvoltage condition. Furthermore, the configuration on the devices aids whether the output is triggered after a fixed delay if any of the two or three cells has an overvoltage condition. This output is launched into a high state after an overvoltage condition fits the specified delay timer.

The device has an available range from 3.85V to 4.6V and a fixed OVP delay option of 4s or 6.5s. The device offers ±10mV high-accuracy overvoltage protection and low power consumption ICC ≈ 1µA (VCELL(ALL) < VPROTECT). It also offers low leakage current per cell input <100nA and a small package footprint of six-pin SON.

Typical applications for second-level protection in Li-Ion battery packs in Power tools, Tablets, Slates, Notebook computers, and Portable equipment and instrumentation.