plastic bi-color injeciton mould supplier in China

Bi-color injection mould is to make different two color plastic or two different material plastic product. There are two kind bi-color injection mold. One kind is mix color injection mould. The color mixed together, there is not clear edge for the two colors. Another one is for clear double color injection mould, there is very clear edge for the different colors.

There is some important technical points for the bi-color injection mould:
1.       The mould center must keep same after 180 degree turning. We must pay attention to this point when making the mould design.
2.       It’s better to make the first molding parts bigger than the second molding parts.
3.       We should pay attention if the first molded plastic product will move or not when making the second molding.
4    The cooling should be very balance for two cavity and core parts.
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