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 China-PK, the branch of the Sino Holdings Group, is a professional PET preform mould manufacturer in China. We have successfully made 72 cavities of 26g PET preform mould, and we are keeping on R & D for preform moulding technologies, actually, we can make 96 and 120 cavities so far.


Annually, we made more than 120 sets of various PET preform mould, such as 5 gallon preform mould, 28mm standard neck preform mould, wide mouth preform mould, etc.

Neck thread types: PCO, ROPP, JAR.

Runner system: hot runner with valve pin system.

Cycle time: 15s – 25s

Structure feature: half interchangeable, core interchangeable. (interchange range: the weight   must within 5g)

Steel: 2311, S420(HRC48-52) 2316 2083.

Cooling chiller: copper pipe in the core. cooling chiller outside of the cavity

The mold life: 5 million

Delivery time: about 50 days

Mold inspection key points: weight, wall thickness, eccentricity, sprue, half line

Injection machine: Dakumar-PET injection machine


Auxiliary equipments: water chiller, drying, auto loader, dehumidifying, air compressor.

If you want to make PET preform mould or any other related project, Sino can provide you the production line and perfect after-sale service.


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