Product size changes during the stamping production process

Reason ①: The cutting edge of the convex and concave Mold is worn, and the burr is larger, which leads to a larger shape and a smaller inner hole.

Solution: Grind the cutting edge.

Reason ②: The guide pin is worn.

Countermeasures: grinding the guide pin.

Reason ③: The guide system is worn out.

Solution: Replace the guiding system.

Reason ④: Improper feeding and feeding distance, material pressing and loosening links.

Countermeasures: adjust the feeder.

Reason ⑤: The mechanical properties of the silicon steel sheet are unstable (strength, elongation, etc.).

Countermeasures: Replace materials and control the quality of materials.

Reason ⑥: The punching sheet produces a concave sheet phenomenon, and the outer dimension is larger than the blanking die size.

Countermeasures: The stamping company generally reduces the stamping depth, increases the tightness of the lower die to the product, and improves the flatness of the punching sheet.

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