Products appear weld mark causes and treatment

How to solve the products weld mark,pls see following suggestion.
(1) The temperature of barrel too low, should improve barrel temperature, adjust range screw barrel 160℃~220℃
(2) Material dry degree not enough. Should re-dry material, dry temperature 800C—85℃,dry time 2h—4h, thickness of material is 30—40mm.
(3) Mould temperature is too low.Should improve mould temperature reasonable. Adjust range:High precision mould 50~60℃,high polish products heat resistant products 60~80℃
(4) Mould air venting system is not very good.Should clean air venting system,if that do not work, should do some modification.
(5) Injection speed is too low,Should be an appropriate increase in injection velocity,adjust range 3s~5s per time.
(6) Cycle time is partial short,should be an appropriate lengthhen cycle time,adjust range 40~70s.

If they do not workable,pls contact with me.

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